Hoodies are the best outfit for poker players. Why? It may sound strange or even funny, but the clothes that poker players wear help them win! Take a closer look at what the players are wearing, and, perhaps, it will even help you and improve your own game.

So what do players wear when playing poker? First of all, it depends on the player. You will often see players wearing hoodies or other oversized hooded jackets, while others are not wearing anything special. Now we will discover why poker players like hoodies and what they wear other than hoodies.

1. When Poker Players Started Wearing Hoodies?

Before the Poker Boom in 2003 poker players were dressing like everyone else: no hooded jackets, no baseball caps, no sunglasses. When poker became popular, most people started getting to know the game through broadcasts on WSOP WPT and ESPN.

People tried to be like poker heroes on these shows. They tried to adapt their playstyle, but it was much easier for them to adopt their fashion sense. Chris Moneymaker donned a baseball cap and sunglasses around the table, like new players. Phil Laak showed off at the WPT final tables wearing a hoodie. And the poker hoodie fashion had begun!

2. 3 Reasons To Wear Hoodies While Playing Poker

We will break the hidden secret! If you are interested in why poker players wear hooded jackets, we have prepared for you the explanation down below.

Hoodies Avoid Physical Tells

The main reason why poker players prefer to wear hoodies is that it counsels body language. Poker players try to read the game and their opponents to understand their intentions because small emotional reactions can determine whether a player’s hand is strong or weak.

Most players try to hide it by making a poker face, but the smart players can read the signal even from a pulsating vein in their head or neck as a physical sign of a strong hand and it is usually true. Wearing a hooded jacket is a good idea to feel confident with your body.

The hood can be worn so that no one can see the player’s gaze. In addition, the hood covers the neck and cheeks, the color of which can also indicate the degree of a person’s excitement. However, it can be quite hot to be in the hood at all times, so some players only wear it only before playing a hand.

Hoodies are Really Comfy

It’s soft! Poker requires physical and mental effort, which means that players often want to feel comfortable to calm their nerves. Also, some casinos are really cold, and when you’re trying to control your emotions, the last thing you want to do is worry about your health. It is undoubtedly a great idea to wear a hoodie to keep warm and protect yourself while playing poker.

Hoodies Are Trendy

The third reason is quite simple. Nowadays it is fashionable! Some companies specialize in hoodies for poker. Great idea, isn’t it!?

3. What Else Poker Players Prefer to Wear Except Hoodies?

There are some attributes poker players like to wear. Let’s discover it as well!

Mirrored Sunglasses

One of the best ways to read your opponent is to spot an action that reveals true intentions. For example, if a player has a good hand, their gaze may go straight from hand to chip to figure out how much to raise the pot.

This is why many poker players prefer to wear sunglasses while playing poker. These mirrored sunglasses are a way to hide your thoughts and feelings from your competitors. Poker sunglasses act as a shield to hide your emotions from the rest of the table.

Also, sunglasses are dark, it helps not to notice unnecessary glare and bright flashes in the room so that a player can fully concentrate on the cards.


Headphones help poker players keep an eye on every hand. Headphones are a nice way to block the outside noise. By listening to music, poker players can focus only on the things that will lead them to the win.

4. Can I Play Poker Better If I Wear a Hoodie?

Of course, the answer is no! Wearing hoodies have their advantages, but your poker skills are unlikely to improve significantly just by wearing it. Hoodies help players hide physical signs, scare away opponents, and feel comfortable in the game. All these perks can help you increase your chances, but you still need to improve your poker skills to get better at poker. However, if you think wearing a hoodie will give you confidence or make you feel better, you should wear it on.

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