Poker facts… It looks like everybody knows everything about poker however there are lots of interesting and unknown poker facts, bet it! Despite the fact that poker is more than 200 years old, there are still facts that can blow your mind. We had prepared the 10 most interesting poker facts, have a look!

Unexpected poker fact:

1. Poker was not invented in Texas

It is considered to know that poker was invented in Texas however this is wrong! Historians say that America is the birthplace of the game, specifically the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. But it has not yet been determined where the first hand was played. By the way, you cannot legally play Texas Hold’em in Texas now ( one more interesting fact about poker).

2. Poker was played with 20 cards only

Poker fact that not everybody knows! Everyone knows that poker is played with a 52-card deck. But at the time when the game was just discovered, people played with a deck of 20 cards. At that time poker was hardly be called a game of skill because each player was simply dealt 5 cards, whose combination turned out to be better, and he won. It is said that a full 52-card deck was played just in 1834.

3. 8 Years, 5 Months, and 3 Days of Poker Play

The most uninterrupted poker game in history lasted 24/7 for 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days. The marathon continued at The Bird Cage Theater, Arizona. Doc Holliday and George Hearst took part in the game. The game had to be interrupted due to the flooding of the theater otherwise, it wouldn’t finish at all!

4. The Dead Poker Hand: the Most Killing Hand Ever

Killing poker fact. Naturally, killing! In poker, a hand of two Eights and two Aces of clubs and spades is called a dead man’s hand. Why? Because this combination was held by Wild Bill Hickok when he was shot in the back of the head. For the only time, Bill changed his habit of sitting with his back to the wall and sat with his back to the entrance. Death came instantly. Read everything about poker hands here.

5. Horrible Poker Fact: Angola Prison Rodeo

Angola Prison Rodeo is one of the most brutal fun in Louisiana. The Angolan Prison is one of the oldest and largest in the world, with the tradition of holding the Angolan Prison Rodeo since 1964. How was it played? Four inmates sit down at a poker table in the center of the field. When the bull is released, prisoners simulate a game of poker and hold a poker face. The last person who can stay at the table wins a prize of $ 250. Another $ 500 can be won by getting a chip stuck between the bull’s horns.

6. Japanese Mafia ‘Yakuza’

Truly, the most dangerous poker fact you have ever read! The name of the Japanese mafia “Yakuza” is associated with the Japanese variation of poker “oich-kabu”. Yakuza – an anagram of three words: “I” (“eight”), “ku” (“nine”), “dza” (“three”) – the worst combination in this Japanese game. Probably, “Yakuza” could well bear the name ShichiNi (“seven”, “two”). Do you want to know why? Read How to Win Poker: Proven Ways to Win More where you can find the poker fact why 2 7 is the worst poker hand!

7. Poker Law in Real Life

Could you ever imagine that poker can help you to win the selection?! This poker fact is about it! The state of New Mexico has a law that in the event of a tie in the election, the winner is determined by any game. This law was used in 1998 in the town of Estancia when James Farrington and Joan Carlson received an equal number of votes. James offered to play poker, Joan – dice. As a result, they flipped a coin to determine the game. James won the poker game. What luck!

8. The Truly Meaning of Poker

Do you know the meaning of suits? Why are there just 4? Four card suits symbolize four estates: clergy (worms), peasantry (crosses), merchants (tambourines), and military (spades). 13 card denominations symbolize 13 weeks of the year, and 4 suits symbolize 4 seasons. So unexpected poker fact, isn’t it?

9. Poker River

How is the river connected to poker? This poker fact is exactly about it! The river is the fifth card on the board. There is a legend that the river originated in the 1800s when poker was played on ships. Then dishonest players, if they were caught cheating, were thrown overboard right into the river.

10. Microsoft Word and Poker

How much the founder of Microsoft Word had won by playing poker? Are you still surprised that the founder of Microsoft Word is playing poker? That’s right, this poker fact tells us that the creator of Microsoft Word and the red squiggle highlighting errors in the text, Richard Brodie is an avid poker fan, he was playing since 1988, earning $ 243,000 in live tournaments.

What is the male to female poker ratio is approximately in poker? Which famous poker-related person was twice convicted of murder? There are lots of unbelievable poker facts we can tell you! Don’t be afraid to play and to win poker! Gain your poker right now! Download Turn Texas Holdem Poker on Google Play and AppStore.

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