John Juanda is known as the world’s god of gambling because he had absolutely made a record! He won the WSOP leadership 5 times in a row: in 2002, 2003, 2008, 2011, and lastly 2014. John received a total prize of 2M USD (around 28B Rp.)! That’s why John Juanda was called the god of gambling.

But how did he make his way from a simple guy who was born in Medan, North Sumatra on July 8, 1971, to an iconic player in the poker world?

The Formation Personality of John Juanda

John Juanda completed his master’s degree at Seattle University, United States in 1996. While studying at university, he spent his free time playing poker at a casino near the campus.

In 1999, Juanda joined his first WSOP tournament. At that time he could get the ninth rank and money prize ( 1500 USD). After that John Juanda had decided to become a professional poker player and the god of gambling.

Juanda’s name is highly respected in the poker world. In 2008 he took the winning position in WSOP and 19B Rp. that made professional poker players furious!

However, playing cards was in John Juanda’s memory from his childhood, because his father and elder brother were used to playing poker. John Juands’s father was drinking alcohol while playing poker, which caused his frequent defeats. These bad memories made John Juanda never drink alcohol while playing poker.

In 1990, John Juanda moved to America to continue his education. After completing his education in Oklahoma State, he continued studying for a master’s degree in Seattle University. But in 1996, after he graduated from university, he chose poker as a lifestyle.

John Juanda’s Professional Poker Career And Plans for The Future

John Juanda had started participating in professional poker tournaments in 1999. At that time, he was number nine in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament in America. In that tournaments, he became champion 5 times and earned 15K USD.

Four months later, in the same tournament, he got 7th position and was entitled to a prize of 399K USD. During the summer of 2000, Juanda established himself as a rising star in professional poker tournaments. At the US Poker Championship tournament in Atlantic City, he got the second position and was entitled to a cash prize of 200K USD.

Juanda admits that all of his victories in poker tournaments around the world cannot be separated from God’s intervention. Because of that, as a form of gratitude, he plans to provide free medical care for the community when he retires from playing poker later.

How to Become The Next God of Gambling?

Here are our short recommendations:

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  • Never give up. It is always difficult to start, however, there are no victories without defeats.
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The divide between poker beginners and pros is not such wide as many people think. Usually, these are just a few simple little tweaks that you can internalize over time and carry you through so you can start reaching a higher level.

The knowledge we had shared in this article will definitely help you and you will be able to know how to play poker. The rules are really simple however, it may take time to understand how to play poker and not to make mistakes. That’s why we recommended you not to waste time and start gaining your poker experience right now!

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