Squid Game is a South Korean series that was published some time ago on Netflix and immediately became popular and viral. In Indonesia, the nine-episode series quickly occupied the first position as the most-watched series.

​​This series is really interesting, mixing adult difficulties with children’s game-winning solutions. In this series, we discover some traditional games commonly played by South Korean children.

However, among the six games, five of them are similar to Indonesian traditional games. Some are similar, some are almost the same. What are those games? Let’s find it out!

1. Red Light Green Light – Joint Sculpture

The first game played by the participants was Red Light, Green Light. Participants are asked to approach the guard doll when the doll screams “Red Light”. Then, when the doll said “Green Light”, participants must stop and cannot move. If anyone moves, the doll is shooting. In South Korea, this game is usually played by more than five people with one guard.

However, in Indonesia, there is a game of sculpture. There is one person as a guard whose job is to chase the participants. Those caught were declared dead and took the place of guards. So if you don’t want to be caught, the participants have to pretend to be statues without moving.

2. Pull Mine

In Indonesia, tug of war is also a really common game not only for children. Usually, tug of war is played during the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day.

3. Marbles

The 4th game in the series is marbles. Now in this game, participants are free to play various games with marbles. The participant who wins must be the person who can snatch all the marbles from the opponent.

In Indonesia, the game of marbles is also commonly played. There are many games that can be played with marbles, but there is one similarity between playing marbles in Korea and in Indonesia: both of them are equally unsatisfactory if you play without betting marbles.

4. Glass Bridge – Engklek

The 5th game is the glass bridge game where each player is asked to cross a bridge made of two different types of glass: solid and fragile. If the player takes a wrong step and stands on the fragile glass, he will fall from a height.

In Indonesia, there is engklek game that actually has a similar way of playing where each player must step in the right box. If the foot touches the wrong square, the player is declared dead or eliminated.

5. Squid Game – Gobak Sodor

The final game is the Squid Game where the players are divided into two teams: attackers and defenders. The attacking team should push into the defensive line as much as possible. This game is played on a plot of land that has been painted like a squid. If the attacking team is able to touch the end of this squid-shaped line, it means the attacking team wins.

In Indonesia, there is a game called Gobak Sodor which has similarities to the Squid Game. In Gobak Sodor, the game is divided into two attacking and defending teams. The attacking team must enter and get past the defense of the defending team. The difference is in Gobak Sodor, the attacker is declared dead/eliminated if touched by the hand of the defending team.

Bonus Fact

To join the Squid game, the participants had to call the number on a special business card. But the creators of the series did not pay attention that such a number really exists. Its owner said that he received over 4,000 calls and messages from curious viewers. Netflix has already contacted the owner and promised to fix it.

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