RTP or the return of slots is one of the main parameters of all licensed casino games. Knowing this indicator demonstrates the generosity of the slot helps to choose the optimal betting strategy for the players. 

Is it possible to beat the casino and why do you need to pay attention not only to the number of special symbols but also to the RTP? Let’s find it out!

1. What is RTP?

RTP is the percentage of payments to the player, set by the provider in a particular slot. The abbreviation is derived from the English phrase Return to Player.

The RTP indicator clearly shows the proportion, which means the percentage ratio between the player’s win and the gambling revenue. If the technical parameters indicate RTP 95%, then this is exactly how much the gamer receives from the total bet.

However, such a calculation does not mean that the player will receive 95 % from a particular dollar. You can take the jackpot after two spins of the drum, or wait a long time for the promised prize, placing bets on the win. 

The reason relates to the variance – one of the objective qualities of a random number generator (RNG). The RTP value takes it into account and continues to function in the long run – you need to complete thousands of spins to confirm the indicated percentages.

How is RTP Determined for a Slot Machine?

The RTP of the slot is incorporated into the software of both land-based slot machines and online slots. With regard to online gambling, the percentage of return is also considered a part of the providers’ program code.

2. What Does the RTP Depend on And How to Calculate It?

The payout percentage of the slot machine will depend on the conditions of the regulator of a certain state and the mathematical model used by the developer. All actions in the slot are bonus levels, jackpots work according to a specific scenario based on RTP.

The regulator will not be able to issue a license for a gaming machine if it has an underestimated percentage of payments that is not relevant to the minimum standards. Since the costs of maintaining an offline casino are much higher, the RTP of slots in the halls varies between 80-95% depending on the country.

How to Calculate RTP?

You can find out the probability of getting a prize if you use a simple calculation formula. To do this, divide the amount of the prize money by the amount of the bets multiplied by 100%. Having determined the RTP coefficient, you can also calculate the percentage of the advantage of a gambling establishment.

Can Operators Change or Configure RTP on Slots?

Changing RTP is not possible for operators, since RTP is embedded in the program code by software providers. However, there is a possibility of hackers breaking and changing the code, but this probability is reduced to zero due to the complexity of the process.

All actions of the players take place not on the casino’s web resources, but at the developer’s, therefore, no gambling portal is able to influence the return rate.

3. High RTP Slots


Slots with an RTP of over 97 percent are considered extremely generous and are a great choice for players looking to increase their bankrolls.

  1. Turn Legends  – RTP: 97%

  2. Bamboo Panda  – RTP: 97,5%

  3. FaFaFa  – RTP: 97,5%

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