1. Provably Fair: Does It Worth My Trusting?

Provably Fair is the new technology in Gambling Industry! For more than 25 years, fans of gambling entertainment can use the services of online casinos. Companies that monitor the honesty of gambling sites also work, but there are also a thousand users who do not trust anyone and want to make sure that the casino does not deceive them. They are looking for all sorts of methods for verifying games.

One of these methods is Provably Fair which is based on crypto encryption and declared as a new technology in the field of gambling. We will try to explain Provably Fair avoiding difficult terminology, here we go!

2. What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair – in an online casino, a method based on cryptographic hash functions is offered to the visitor as a test of fair play.

3. How Does Provably Fair Work?

By using the Probably Fair technology in the casinos you can play online blackjack, slot, poker, and other games. Provably Fair is based on cryptographic hash functions. We always offer our users Fairplay, you can play Turn Texas Holdem which contains Poker, Slots, and Blackjack here.

Provably Fair technology developers offer a choice of several methods for testing the fairness of a technology. The most popular one, which is most often found in gambling rooms, is described below:

  • Client Seed – a randomly selected sequence of numbers that is entered by the player;
  • Server Seed – a random sequence of numbers that are generated by the server;
  • Nonce – the number of bets in the game (Client Seed + Server Seed).

A casino visitor can have no doubts that the combinations of bets were generated by the system at random. In this case, the hash is calculated even before the bet. It is a summed metric from Server Seed, Nonce, Client Seed.

Then the first and last four characters are selected from the resulting result. Then, having data from both the player and the server, the system generates the result. The Mersenne Vortex is used to generate pseudo-random numbers. Its principle of operation is based on the properties of Mersenne numbers, which provide instant generation of numbers. In this case, the result of the game and the generated number is reflected even before the game starts. The coincidence of the initial and final cash of the game indicates that there is no interference from the casino.

4. Features of Provably Fair

Complicated? We will try to explain Provably Fair on easy example.

When you visit the hall personally, you see 100 cards on the table, numbered from 1 to 100. According to the rules of the game, the dealer draws 1 card from the deck and gives it to you. But how can you be sure that you got it by accident? So that you can believe in a real win, the dealer asks you to put the card back into the deck and shuffle it.

Features of Provably Fair Technology:

  • Both sides take par while the random number is determining;
  • During the generation of numbers, the system receives 2 ciphers – from the visitor and the casino;
  • The third result is obtained when ciphers are connected.

The manipulation of results in this algorithm is excluded. The sequence of numbers in the deck is encrypted in the player’s browser. Therefore, the casino has no idea what kind of card the number generator will choose.

5. Reasons for the Appearance of Provably Fair

Provably fair has been talked about relatively recently, but the principles and methods of encryption taken as the basis of the method have been known for many years.

It seems that during the existence of gambling casinos on the Internet, control and regulatory organizations have already formed ways to find out the honesty of a gambling site. However,  there are lots of gamblers who suspect any casino of cheating, no matter how many positive reviews there are. But the reason is not only that.

Provably Fair was created also as a replacement for certificates and licenses for cryptocurrency casinos. The fact is that a gambling resource based on blockchain technology does not comply with the laws of almost every country.

The player and the service are in contact only with the numbers of the addresses of the cryptocurrencies when the player replenishes the account and buys tokens for bets, and then sells and withdraws his winnings. Because of this, getting the certificates and licenses is not possible.

6. Example of Provably Fair for Roulette

We choose one of the gambling sites that offer to make sure of their reliability with the Provably Fair roulette game. We create the values necessary for the method to work (Pic.1)
1. The server generates its own seed;
2. The player (client sets his own);
3. And clicks “Use”.

The values have moved to the left column (Pic. 2).

The player makes three times a bet on 17. Falls out: 30, 1, and 17. (Pic.3)

Let’s check it with Provably fair (Pic  4).

We substitute the required parameters and see the numbers that dropped out on the virtual roulette wheel!

7. Is Provably Fair Casino really trustworthy?

Over the years, there has been some digital innovation that allows you to take a different look at algorithmic verification methods and truly reassure yourself of the integrity of a gambling site.

A full-fledged cryptocurrency casino that fully uses blockchain technologies in its work is able to provide the player with much more data than a classic online gambling resource. This, of course, is an undoubted advantage.

Also, with no third-party authentication, cryptocurrency casino players with proven integrity become auditors who provide the highest level of transparency.

However, there are some disadvantages, for example, the difficulty of understanding the Provably Fair method. Here we want to remind you that – if a site calculates in cryptocurrency, this does not mean that its work is based on blockchain technologies.

No doubt, Provably Fair makes cryptocurrency casinos safe, but it’s best to exercise caution with every online transaction we make. If you really like online social casino-style games, download Turn Texas Holdem Poker on Google Play and AppStore.