• - Experience 101 Okey with "TURN 101" difference against your friends or more than 1,000,000 Facebook users through 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi.
  • - See your online friends and you can participate in their table with one click,
- While you play Turn 101, you can expand your social environment by chatting,

  • - You can play as guests and enter the site without your Facebook account.
  • - Participate in free tournaments.
  • - In order to enjoy Turn 101 we offer thousands and thousands of FREE chips every day when you first Turn 101 download!

Your friends have taken their seats in Turn 101. It the fastest and the most unusual game which is played by millions in Facebook, now you can be a part of it!


Turn poker; challenge all online poker players! Play online poker whether with your friends or other players. Tables are filled every hour of the day, variety of tournaments and plenty of gain!

  • - Defeat all your opponents and explode the pot. Have all the money!
  • - Save all the earned coins in the safe.
  • - Set special tables and play special games.

  • - Participate in free tournaments.
  • - Check your Games history.

Become a Zoom Bugs today by matching Heroes to complate the level objectives before you run out of moves. Heroes are the amazing bugs you can see in the game. You will see the objectives at the top of the screen, and will always have a limited amount of moves in each level.

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Turn Games, founded in 2012, has become one of the leading companies with its major development in the sector every year. Today, we possess games which have large number of players in the global world. Turn Games appeal to 3 million players with incorporated games and evolve with each passing day. And it will continue to be a company that continues to shed light on the industry with innovative ideas.

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